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All of My Planning… March 4, 2009

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…and I forgot about two things:

1. Girl Scout Cookie season.

2. Getting sick.

I ate a whole box of thin mints this past weekend.  Obviously, not good for my diet.  Plus I am horribly sick (some cold/flu bug).  I go between feeling nauseated just thinking about food and eating everything I can stuff into my mouth.  Again, not great for my diet.  Also this illness is not great for the Lenten Challenge.  But FANTASTIC for my efforts to quit smoking.  Who wants to smoke filthy cigarettes when you can barely breathe to begin with?  Anyway, I think I will be starting fresh with the Lenten Challenge when this bug goes away.  I know it’s cheating, but I am not interested in having a coughing fit while I try and lift my ass up and down an aerobic step.

I have eaten my last girl scout cookie and I hope to implement a fail safe “when I get sick” food plan. 

I think I’ll crawl back into bed now.

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