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Goals and Milestones February 18, 2009

This is another way for me to stay focused and to have a point of reference when I’m feeling less than optimistic.  I will strike through any milestone or goal completed and note the date.  As of today (Feb 18, 2009), I can’t think past a 100-pound loss, so that’s the last milestone I listed.  I can’t quite imagine myself at my goal and I’m not sure how to celebrate that yet.  When I have a couple of milestones under my belt, then I’ll re-evaluate my plans for meeting my goal.    
Milestones and Rewards:

  • 10% of Starting Weight lost:  Brand new workout clothes
  • 50lbs lost:  Fancy heart rate monitor
  • 67 lbs lost (the half-way mark): Massage
  • 80 lbs lost:  Celebratory Girl’s Night Out
  • 100 lbs lost: Jewelry

Non-Scale Goals:

  • Begin and maintain a consistent walking routine (consistent= at least 4-5 times/week)
  • Begin and maintain a consistent strength training routine (at least 2-3 times/week)
  • Be able to run by my birthday (in August). 
  • Be able to do military style push-ups by the time I reach my goal weight. 
  • Learn how to prepare a delicious fish dish.
  • Be able to walk up the giant hill of a street I have without dying at the top.
  • Walk the dog around the neighborhood without breaking out into hives and having a panic attack.
  • Start Cycling with Sexy Husband (seeing his ass in cycling shorts is reward enough!)
  • Blog consistently about this journey for at least a year. 

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