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All You Need is Love February 2, 2009

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Today, I thought I would give a little link love. 

Need a little motivation?  Check out Gettin’ Shrunk.  This hardcore dieting, punk rockin’, tatoo-sportin’ mom has a great success story about her weight loss.  She also has excellent pictures that chronicle her weight from 281 lbs to 137 lbs! 

Want another reason to limit your intake of processed foods?  How about mercury contaminated High Fructose Corn Syrup?  Yeah, I think I’ll pass.  Crunchy Domestic Goddess has a great post about this here with lots of great links.  Need more convincing?  A mom with a PhD in chemical engineering says no to HFCS in A Life Less Sweet and an ex-pat nutritionist lives her life Fake Food Free

Want to blog yourself thin? Check out DietGirl’s post, about documenting “lard-busting” online.  There’s some link love to enjoy there too!

All right, Lusties, hope you enjoy the clickclickclicking.  I’m going to leave you with a youtube video of the first part of  ABC’s 2004 documentary “How to Get Fat Without Really Trying.”  If you get a chance, watch the whole thing, because it has some great information about America’s food industry. 


2 Responses to “All You Need is Love”

  1. Just_Kelly Says:

    Thanks for the links! Always looking for goos stuff on the fit-o-sphere! How are you doing? How was your weekend?

  2. thedoublelifeofelle Says:

    Doing good! My weekend was actually QUITE lazy. I feel a “funk” coming on, but am hoping to avoid it!

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